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Top Prospect Baseball Teams is a serious and discipline program, made for the players that are looking to get develop, we practice and develop more the playing. Our 10u-11u teams our development teams we focus on getting these players ready for when it matters, we will play in local league and some local tournament, when they get to 12u they should be ready to play top tournaments, then the next two years 13u and 14u, the focus then become development strength and conditioning, speed, arm velo consistent hitting, will get them ready for High School and playing big time tournaments. If you stay committed with Top Prospect while HS or they make our HS team Treasure Coast International Academy Bulls Baseball team, then the focus becoming getting them ready for playing at the next level, college or professional. Top Prospect don’t chase rings, our goal is to pull these players in the position to be successful at all level of baseball.

Private Lessons: