Dominican Trips

Why Top Prospect do these trips to Dominican Republic?

As we all know Dominican is a baseball country, a country that all MLB and Japanese have baseball academy there, due to the talent the country produce. Dominican baseball players from 9u to 17u work very hard and fully committed to getting sign by a MLB or Japanese team. We love to make this trip for committed baseball players from the state to see how this Dominican player train, play, work hard the confidence they play, and the altitude the play with.

Coach Manny was Benjamin HS Coach Five years and started to make this trips to Dominican to train and have some fun every year, players loved these trips and become great ball players due to this trips, why? the experience of seeing this Dominican played working hard and playing without the fear to fail, with emance confidence and having fun playing the game, was a great exposure for them and when we got back home all that they saw and experience translated to our players and they started playing game different with more confident, attitude, not being afraid of failing and playing the game with this warrior mantaly. The life experience of going to this trip will be amazing for them to, just seeing how this kids without notting enjoying life, this was big for the Benjamin HS players moms came to coach manny telling him how this trips change their kids life.

This trips is for players 12 to 17 year olds, they will played and go sightseeing, atv rides and catamaran trips. close to the trip we will do a baseball equipment drive at our facility to take it to Dominican and help kids to.

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